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‘Locked down’ but not ‘shut out’… Schools strike back for a sustainable world

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Online, 7-10 July


The event: Following on from the TSL International School Debates (July 5-6), the Partner Power Summit will take place over four days (July 7-10) and feature a range of inspiring speakers and discussions designed to help inform and empower students and teachers on a shared journey to a more sustainable world. General admission tickets are FREE and open to the general public (fees apply for workshops only).

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Could this be the last decade to improve global collaboration for a sustainable future?

2020 was set to be an important year for the advancement of sustainable development internationally, with just ten years left to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Many major global events, meetings and decisions were planned to help safeguard the world’s biological diversity and climate, build more sustainable cities, and improve educational systems. But sadly, these had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Young people, and the future generations they represent, have the most to lose by not reasserting such ‘partner power’. The online 2020 Summit offers an exciting range of discussions & workshops, designed to help inform and empower students, teachers and schools on a shared journey to create a more sustainable world. This year’s emphasis is on building meaningful partnerships for the ne​xt ten years, linked to wider international decision-making processes and initiatives. During this turbulent time, where voices are being silenced by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Partner Power Summit offers an opportunity to reconnect the leaders of today and tomorrow.

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About TSL: The Trust for Sustainable Living is a global education charity working for a sustainable future. It hosts the International Schools Debate every year. Last year, the event was hosted by the British Columbia government and took place in Victoria & Vancouver (Canada). Previously, it took place in the Seychelles (hosted by the Seychelles government), Dubai (UAE) and Oxford (UK). The event offers an opportunity for students and teachers world-wide to connect with influential leaders and sustainability experts, and explore pathways for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition to the annual TSL International Schools Essay Competition & Debate, the Trust welcomes schools and the general public to its Living Rainforest visitor centre in Berkshire, England.