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TSL 2022 International Student Debates & Summit: CLIMATE JUSTICE


Register now on the TSL Eventbrite page for the TSL 2022 Partner Power Summit: CLIMATE JUSTICE, which will take place 6-11 July 2022. With a focus on youth collaboration and climate justice, we will hear from experts to help us understand the links between inequality and the climate crisis, what climate justice means and how partnerships can help to achieve it, and what actions young people and educators can take to help secure climate justice into the future. With panel discussions, case studies and workshops featuring scientists, youth and projects from around the world, it will be an exciting and inspiring summit, empowering students, teachers and schools to take action for climate justice.

See the draft programme here: TSL 2022 Partner Power Climate Justice Summit Flyer draft 

Confirmed Speakers:

Xiye Bastida

Xiye Bastida is a 19 year old climate justice activist who is from the Otomi-Toltec Indigenous community located in Central Mexico. She is an organizer, author, speaker, and student who is driven to make the climate movement more inclusive and diverse. She is an organizer with Fridays For Future and the co-founder of Re-Earth Initiative, an international youth-led organization that focuses on highlighting the intersectionality of the climate crisis.

Tobi Ade-Odiachi

A youth activist and member of the UK Youth Climate Coalition working to empower youth to engage with the climate crisis, Tobi is a Graduate Engineer from the University of Bristol, interested in the sustainable development of systems with the use of economic, environmental and technology policies and the effects of climate degradation on developed systems.

Vassilis Gkoumas

Vassilis is a PhD student at the Land Economy Department and a Researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Environment, Energy and Natural Resource Governance (C-EENRG). He is researching the economic and social impacts of protected areas on local communities.

Prior to starting his PhD, he worked on corporate social responsibility projects in the USA, with a focus on funding start-ups based in disadvantaged communities, and on a project converting abandoned houses into shelters for unaccompanied minors in Greece.

Compass Education

Compass Education are a GLOBAL MOVEMENT of educators and change agents who believe that a flourishing, sustainable world begins with our students and schools, empowering learning communities to educate and act for a sustainable future.

TSL 2022 Country Debates Resource Pack:  In preparation for the 2022 summit, we invite Schools to enter into the spirit of partnership and organise their own Country Debates before the international events in July 2022. As well as giving students a chance to practice their teamwork, communication and debating skills, it also provides a great opportunity to meet other like minded students and discuss global challenges. The Country Debates are easy to organise and can be done online using platforms such as Zoom, or can be held in person, if safe to do so. For more details on how to set up and run a Country Debate, see our guidelines. If you are the only participating school from your country but wish to take part in a Country Debate, please contact us and we can match you up with other participating schools in your region.

What is a Country Debate?

Highlights from 2021

The 2021 International Student Debates took place on 5-6 July. The Debates were held online for the second year in a row and we were delighted to have 67 student debaters from 33 countries taking part.

The Debates took place as part of our online Partner Power Summit: PROTECTING BIODIVERSITY (5-10 July). The Summit featured a range of engaging workshops and inspiring speakers and panel discussions, designed to help inform and empower students, parents and teachers in a shared journey to a more sustainable world.

Panel Discussions


Our workshop sessions allowed us to delve deeper into the topic of understanding and protecting biodiversity.

Compass Education shared a systems thinking tool called the Sustainability Compass and demonstrated how it can be used to explore and consider the value of biodiversity from different perspectives, Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing.

Dr Emma Taylor’s workshop explored how biodiversity can be monitored from space.

Saint Lucian poet and author Alicia Valasse-Polius encouraged us to get creative in this poetry workshop as we were inspired by nature and biodiversity to create our own Tanka poems.

Compass Education joined us again to share another systems thinking tool, the Systems Iceberg, this time to explore how we can make changes and drive action to protect biodiversity in our environment’s and communities.

Bio-based materials expert Dr Pouya Samani shared a glimpse into the future of how bio-based materials are replacing damaging plastics in our supply chains.

We even managed to catch up with conservationist and adventurer Sacha Dench to hear about her latest Round Britain Climate Challenge, travelling 3000 miles around Britain on an electric paramotor to raise awareness of the impact of climate change and its impacts on biodiversity.

Video Messages to Participants

PROTECTING BIODIVERSITY: Message from Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (UN-CBD), 6 July 2021


Each country taking part in the Debates was represented by its four top-performing students in the Essay Competition, with all other students participating as Non-debating Students.

The online Partner Power Summit explored how young people and schools can become more involved in developing positive solutions to biodiversity loss.

The 2022 competition is now closed

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