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TSL 2021 Sustainability Challenge (video competition): PROTECTING BIODIVERSITY

This year’s Sustainability Challenge is hosted around the same theme as the upcoming UN Convention on Biological Diversity meeting (COP 15) and our own TSL Partner Power Summit, so we asked learners and educators across the globe to send us their short video messages on biodiversity.

Check out our top entries which can be viewed below.



'Impact of Deforestation on Biodiversity' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.8 - Primary- Seychelles
If' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.7- Teacher Champion - Indonesia
Nature Sustainability Challenge' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.6 - 18+ - Cameroon
Change Makers' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.5 - Secondary - Iraq
Biodiversity Doomsday Clock' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.4 -18+ -Thailand
'I believe in Biodiversity' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.3- Secondary - Slovenia
'Sustainability Challenge' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.2 - Primary - Trinidad & Tobago
'Sustainable Living' #TSLBiodiversity2021​ Finalist No.1- Secondary- Seychelles

Previous Winners

2020 – No trophy awarded due to Covid-19

2019 – United World College, Singapore – ‘TSL 2019 Schools Sustainability Challenge United World College Singapore’

2018 – Shree Kandeshowori Basic School, Nepal – ‘Shree Kandeshowori Basic School’

2017 – Project from CEM Julia Kubitschek School, Brasilia, Brazil – ‘In Defense of Guara Creek’

2016 – Sampaloc Elementary School, Philippines – ‘Eco-sustainable School’

2015 – Spiru Haret High School Moinesti, Romania – ‘Happiness’

The 2021 Challenge is now closed

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