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TSL 2024 International Student Debates: NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS


The 2024 International Student Debates will take place online in summer 2024, dates TBC

TSL will contact Teacher Champions during 18th-22nd April to invite eligible students to represent their countries and participate in the International Student Debates.

Highlights from 2023

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our TSL 2023 Partner Power Summit: GREEN JOBS

The TSL 2023 International Student Debates brought together 65 students from 32 countries. The students expressed different points of view on ‘How young people can be better supported to thrive in green jobs?

The debate was divided into two categories across two days – Primary and Secondary. In the Primary Debate, the debaters explored the role of four key stakeholder groups which were identified in many of the student essays – Government, Media, Education and Businesses and how they could better support young people to thrive in green jobs. After identifying the top ways each stakeholder group could contribute, the teams then debated which actions would have the greatest impact to help young people.

TSL International Primary Debates 07 June 2023



In the Secondary Debates, students had the challenge of debating the motion ‘Not enough is being done to support young people to thrive in green jobs’. All teams did an excellent job, particularly those debating against the motion, as all the students personally felt that more could be done, which they articulated so brilliantly in their essays.

TSL International Secondary Debates Group A, 08 June 2023



TSL International Secondary Debates Group B, 08 June 2023

TSL International Secondary Debates Awards (Group A & Group B), 08 June 2023



The Debates took place as part of our online TSL International Education Summit Series: GREEN JOBS. The Summit featured a range of engaging and inspiring speakers and panel discussions, designed to help inform and empower students, parents and teachers in a shared journey to a more sustainable and climate-just world.

To mark UNESCO’s International Day of Education on 24th January, TSL is hosting the first in its 2023 series of roundtable and panel discussions. Our first webinar brings together global educators from different backgrounds and teaching experiences to share their ideas and expertise on ESD and explore development opportunities relating to the core question: “What is happening within education to help teachers and students better understand sustainability and achieve green jobs?”


The Trust for Sustainable Living hosted its second webinar as part of the TSL 2023 International Education Summit Series: Green Jobs. The webinar explored “How we can better support young people and create more opportunities for them to achieve green jobs.” Two youth organizations, the Global Youth Forum, Kenya, and the Youth Environmental Service, UK, came together to share their insights and experiences on empowering young people working towards sustainable development and Green Jobs.


In our third webinar of 2023, we spoke to Sam Coppard, founder of green jobs board Jobs with Porpoise. Sam is a huge bird nerd and lover of wild places. After a series of interesting but unfulfilling start-up roles, he launched Jobs with Porpoise to be the green jobs board he always wished existed. During the webinar we explored what green jobs are out there and Sam shared his advice on how to secure your job once you’ve found it, by making your application stand out from the crowd.


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