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TSL 2024 International Student Debates: NATURE-BASED SOLUTIONS


The 2024 International Student Debates will take place online on 17 July (Primary Schools) and 18 July (Secondary Schools).


Meet our International Essay and Debate Judges

Joseph K Ajuwon

Joseph K Ajuwon is the  Co-founder and creator of eLearning, Special Education Needs, Coding and eHealth initiatives.  Using bespoke EdTech innovations to provide eLearning platforms and digital access for unreached communities, particularly in Africa, he is passionate about ensuring every child’s unique voice is heard. He intends to make it easy and fun for the children in rural areas as in urban setting to read great stories, write well and learn about their world whilst gaining essential life skills – regardless of circumstance, gender and especially learning needs.

Sushmita Krishnan

Sushmita Krishnan is an ecologist by training and a storyteller who wants to make a difference. Sushmita has already had research experience with agricultural pests and their management. She has also collaborated with the National Center for Biological Sciences, Bengaluru and the Indian Institute of Sciences, Bengaluru. Together with UNESCO, it has actively worked on its TAGe programme and the Digital Games for Peace. Sushmita’s current work in Nature-based Solutions  focuses on a program to build expertise for women and youth, using the stems of water hyacinth to create value-added products. In the process, they learn how to make a variety of products such as bags, mats, bottle holders, baskets and much more. Another focus of the program is entrepreneurship to ensure sustainability and incentives for the elimination of water hyacinths. This will lead to the restoration of water bodies and the improvement of aquatic biodiversity.

Dr. Hamdi Mohamed

Dr. Hamdi Mohamed, is founder and CEO of Climate and Health Connect, passionate about addressing the interconnected challenges of climate change, public health, and women’s rights. Coming from a severely impacted and underdeveloped region in Kenya, she advocate for sustainable development, environmental justice, and One Health, emphasizing the interdependence of human, animal, and ecosystem health. With a background in climate science and public health, she drives initiatives that mitigate climate impacts and promote health and well-being, inspiring diverse groups towards common goals, especially in climate action and women’s rights. Her work involves effective communication, coalition-building, and project management, fostering equitable partnerships between high-income and low- and middle-income countries to integrate lived experience expertise into research and policy-making.

Prof Sikhulile B. Msezane

Prof Sikhulile B. Msezane is a faculty member at the University of South Africa, specializing in the field of Environmental Education. His research focus is around ESD issues such as Climate Change Education. Over the years, he has authored numerous articles and book chapters on this subject. Additionally, he has successfully guided and mentored both Masters’s and Ph.D. students in the areas of Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development. Presently, Prof Msezane is serving as a visiting scholar at the University of Reading.

Dr Barry Murrer

Dr Barry Murrer is a distinguished industrial scientist having recently completed a 35-year career at the FTSE-100 company Johnson Matthey in the UK. During this period, he led the development and commercialisation of a range of technologies across the company’s portfolio, including novel catalysts, nanomaterials, sorbents and FDA-approved platinum-based drugs. Dr Murrer joined the TSL Board of Trustees in September 2017.

Peter Omondi

Peter Omondi is the founder and CEO of Global Youth Forum, a community organisation founded in Kenya that seeks to empower youth with skills to get or create jobs and work towards realising the SDG’s. They provide opportunities in 4 key areas, Education, EdVentures, Entrepreneurship and Environment, enabling young people to gain leadership, civic education and life skills.

Daisy Parsons

Daisy Parsons is an Associate Landscape Planner working in landscape planning and design at global consultancy Stantec, where she is involved in projects for large scale urban extensions, commercial and logistics developments, and renewable energy proposals. As a landscape planner Daisy undertakes assessments of the likely effects of proposed developments on the landscape character and visual amenity of a site and its context. This involves desktop research and field work to ascertain the existing conditions and to appraise the value of the landscape and views and their capacity to accommodate development without harm. This is followed by an assessment of the extent to which the proposals will change the existing conditions and how significant this change will be, whether adverse or beneficial, as a factor in the decision made by the planning authority when they determine the application. As such, landscape planning is a role that influences the long term character, appearance and social and environmental value of our urban and rural landscapes.

Daisy is a Chartered Member of the Landscape Institute and has been a member of the LI since 2014. She is the LI East of England Branch Representative on the LI Advisory Council and the LI Representative on the Ipswich Conservation and Design Panel. She has assessed candidates taking the Experienced Route to Chartership exams and is a Pathway to Chartership Mentor.

Dr Jo Anna Reed Johnson

Dr Jo Anna Reed Johnson is the Institute of Education School Director for Climate and Sustainability Education and lecturer in science education at the University of Reading. Her research interests include Sustainability Education, Systems Thinking, Critical Pedagogy, Teacher Education, Leadership and Management in Education.  She has also been working with colleagues and the UK government to develop new Initial Teacher Education Framework to support teachers in teaching sustainability and climate change which has now been implemented in Higher Education Institutes across the UK and Internationally. Jo Anna joined the TSL Board of Trustees in December 2023

Highlights from 2023

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our TSL 2023 Partner Power Summit: GREEN JOBS

The TSL 2023 International Student Debates brought together 65 students from 32 countries. The students expressed different points of view on how young people can be better supported to thrive in green jobs.

The debate was divided into two categories across two days – Primary Debate and Secondary Debate. In the Primary Debate, the debaters explored the role of four key stakeholder groups which were identified in many of the student essays – Government, Media, Education and Businesses and how they could better support young people to thrive in green jobs. After identifying the top ways each stakeholder group could contribute, the teams then debated which actions would have the greatest impact to help young people.

TSL International Primary Debates 07 June 2023



In the Secondary Debates, students had the challenge of debating the motion ‘Not enough is being done to support young people to thrive in green jobs’. All teams did an excellent job, particularly those debating against the motion, as all the students personally felt that more could be done, which they articulated so brilliantly in their essays.

TSL International Secondary Debates Group A, 08 June 2023



TSL International Secondary Debates Group B, 08 June 2023

TSL International Secondary Debates Awards (Group A & Group B), 08 June 2023



The Debates took place as part of our online TSL International Education Summit Series: GREEN JOBS. The Summit featured a range of engaging and inspiring speakers and panel discussions, designed to help inform and empower students, parents and teachers in a shared journey to a more sustainable and climate-just world.

To mark UNESCO’s International Day of Education on 24th January, TSL is hosting the first in its 2023 series of roundtable and panel discussions. Our first webinar brings together global educators from different backgrounds and teaching experiences to share their ideas and expertise on ESD and explore development opportunities relating to the core question: “What is happening within education to help teachers and students better understand sustainability and achieve green jobs?”


The Trust for Sustainable Living hosted its second webinar as part of the TSL 2023 International Education Summit Series: Green Jobs. The webinar explored “How we can better support young people and create more opportunities for them to achieve green jobs.” Two leading youth organizations, Global Youth Forum (Kenya) and Youth Environmental Service (UK), came together to share their insights and experiences on empowering young people working towards sustainable development and Green Jobs.


In our third webinar of 2023, we spoke to Sam Coppard, founder of the green jobs board Jobs with Porpoise. Sam is a huge bird nerd and lover of wild places. After a series of interesting but unfulfilling start-up roles, he launched Jobs with Porpoise to be the green jobs board he always wished existed. During the webinar we explored what green jobs are out there and Sam shared his advice on how to secure your job once you’ve found it, by making your application stand out from the crowd.


The 2024 competition is now closed.

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