Trust for Sustainable Living

11 year old from Dubai wins Grand Prize in TSL essay competition


The Trust for Sustainable Living (TSL), based in the United Kingdom, is pleased to announce the Grand Prize winner and runners-up in the TSL 2017 International Schools Essay Competition on Climate Action.

TSL received over 1,200 essays from 77 countries.

Veda Fernandes (11) collected the 2017 Grand Prize. In her essay, Veda imagined she was a doctor treating planet Earth for a case of ‘Clima-changeitis’.

Overall Grand Prize Winner

Veda Fernandes (Jumeirah Primary School, UAE).

Read the top-prize-winning essay, ‘Letter from a doctor’

Primary Schools Category (age 7-11)

Read the Top 5 prize-winning primary school essays

Veda Fernandes (Jumeirah Primary School, UAE)

Martha Tendo Nakirandha (Kitante Primary School, Uganda)

3rd (Joint)
Aryav Odhrani (JESS Jumeirah, UAE) and Abdul Rafay Mumtaz Sheikh (Pakturk International School and Colleges Khaipur Campus, Pakistan)

4th (Joint)
Finn Timmermans (JESS Jumeirah, UAE) and Eun jin Kwon  (SEC English School, South Korea)

5th (Joint)
Jeff Kevin (Manchester International School Main Campus, India) and Miriam Karungi (Kitante Primary School, Uganda)

Secondary Schools Category (age 11-17)

Read the Top 5 prize-winning secondary school essays

Aninthitha Nath (RN Podar School, India)

2nd (Joint)
Emma Short  (Leweston School, UK) and Aween Muhammad (Fakhir Mergasori International School, Iraq)

Yasmine Tohme (International College Ain Aar, Lebanon)

4th (Joint)
Ilinca Rusu (Colegiul National de Informatica Tudor Vianu, Romania) and Audrey Isabel Pe (Multiple Intelligence International School, Philippines)

5th (Joint)
Manuela Gutierrez (Colegio San Juan Bosco de Belen, Colombia) and Adam El Morsy (International Schools Group, Saudi Arabia)

The awardees received their prizes at the TSL 2017 International Schools Awards at Rhodes House, Oxford (3-6 July, 2017).

TSL will send a special copy of the Top 5 essays in each category to the new Secretary-General of the United Nations, Manuel Guterres.